In the latest episode Martin and I get psychological and philosophical in equal measure as we explore the question, what should be at the heart of your business?

Your products or the people you serve? 

We may not unlock the mysteries of the universe but I think we get quite close to uncovering the key ingredients to a successful business.

I hope you enjoy the show. 

There's a lot of noise out there. That much is true.

However, what you may not know is, you can ignore most of it.

Why? Because your market is ignoring it too.

Research suggests that the vast majority of branded content and advertising gets little to no engagement.

So, if noise isn't the issue, why is it so hard to make an impact and what do you really need to do to get the attention of your market?

That's exactly the question that we're going to answer in the latest episode of Not the New Normal.


People are complex. Of that, there's no doubt. However, the way we make decisions isn't.

In that, the architecture that triggers and motivates those decisions is fairly simple and straightforward to understand.

Once you know what questions to ask that is.

In the latest episode of our Not the New Normal podcast, Martin Lucas of Gap in the Matrix (and my co-host) recounts his 4-year journey decoding how people make decisions and some of the secrets he discovered along the way.

During our chat we explore:

  • Why our reliance on technology is actually hurting not helping our ability to sell more.
  • Why most market research doesn't work.
  • The critical customer data many are missing, how to access it, and draw value from it.

Research suggests that as much as 95% of buying decisions are made emotionally.

It follows then, that how your customers and clients feel about you is far more important than what they think.

The crucial question then is, how do you ensure your #marketing creates the right feeling?

On the latest episode of the Not the New Normal podcast, Martin Lucas and I explore:

What emotional marketing is and what it isn't - nb it's not more touchy-feely.

Why brands and businesses are struggling to make the transition from a rational to a more emotional mode of #communication.

How to uncover the truth of why your best clients buy from you and how to use this insight to inject more meaning into your communications and attract like-minded clients and customers.

So stick around, it will be well worth it.

The 'New Normal' was coined soon after lockdown. It recognises the post-pandemic world will be different to the one we knew.

However, buyer behaviour will likely be less impacted. Not because it’s immune but because it’s already gone through a period of intense change.

What is likely is an intensification of behaviours that are already present.

Here, we look at how buyer behaviour has changed and what it means for sales/marketing.

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